In Markets as in Traffic, Impulsive Moves May Not Help You Get Ahead

When markets are rough, it's tempting to want to make a quick change to your investments.  But much like changing lanes in traffic, impulsive moves can add anxiety and risk with no guarantee you'll benefit.


Does Higher Inflation Hurt Stock Market Performance

Here's the good news:  stocks have delivered rewarding returns in the long run, even after adjusting for inflation.


Do Markets Care Who Runs Congress?

Should you change your investment according to which party wins a majority on Capitol Hill?  History shows that markets have rewarded investors, no matter who controls Congress.


Dimensional Looks at Rebalancing Every Day.  Indexers Can't.

Many index funds rebalance rarely, which can lead to "style drift."  Dimensional strategies stay true to their style by looking at rebalancing every day.


Don't Buy High:  Valentine's Roses and Investing Lessons

In love as in finance, there is some value in being flexible.  Buying high can cost you, whether you're purchasing roses at their peak price on Valentine's Day or buying stocks at the same time as other investors when indices rebalance.  Being flexible can save you money - on roses and on stocks.


Bond Trading at Dimensional:  The Flexibility to Find a Better Price

Being selective about when to buy and sell securities can lead to better execution prices - and better returns for investors.