Wealth management is something that many financial firms claim to offer but few actually deliver.  Parker Financial Advisors has developed a consultative process that determines what is important to each client and where the client is currently.  Customized solutions are developed to help clients achieve all that is important to them.  We define wealth management (WM) as follows:

WM = IC + AP + RM

Investment Consulting (IC) is our core offering and the foundation upon which we begin to build the advisor-client relationship. Included are:

  • Historical Portfolio Performance Analysis
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment Policy Statement Building and Review
  • Portfolio Protection

To learn more about our investment philosophy, please click here for our White Paper, “The Informed Investor”.

Advanced Planning (AP) addresses the range of financial needs beyond investment consulting. This consists of four areas: 

  • Wealth Enhancement – Integrating creative tax strategies into the planning process
  • Wealth Transfer – Ensuring the smooth and efficient transfer of wealth to future generations and charities
  • Wealth Protection – Allowing clients to enjoy their financial resources while insulating their wealth from catastrophic loss
  • Charitable Giving – Improving the lives of others while maximizing the benefits of philanthropic activities

Relationship Management (RM) involves: 

  • Client Relationship – Ongoing monitoring of values, goals, resources and obligations
  • Expert Team – Coordination and synchronization of professional advisors, including attorneys, accountants, insurance agents and others. (See our “Team of Experts.”)