Who We Serve


Oil & Gas Professionals

We assist professionals associated with the oil & gas industry successfully navigate the sometimes turbulent environment of the industry.  Whether moving to a new employer, taking severance or electing retirement, we can provide guidance with company benefit programs including:

  • Incentive compensation (e.g. stock options, restricted stock, performance shares and deferred compensation)
  • Retirement savings plans
  • Pension plans
  • Employee stock purchase plans
  • Group insurance plans
  • Flexible spending plans

Our clients include employees of large companies and industry entrepreneurs who are committed to making smart decisions oriented toward achieving what is important to them.

Women in Transition

We have an affinity for assisting women through the challenges of major life transitions such as the death of a spouse or a divorce.  The financial resources available after these transitions quite often cannot be replaced.  Seasoned experience is essential. We guide, encourage, and empower women to overcome the uncertainty and fear that accompany these events in order to achieve secure and satisfying lives. 


The many decisions and changes accompanying retirement can be overwhelming, and the accumulated resources from years of working cannot be replaced.  Effective and experienced decision-making support is essential in transitioning from a regular paycheck to living off one's savings.  Rising health-care costs, disappearing pension plans, and increasing longevity are some of the serious challenges to be addressed.  We assist in making decisions, completing paperwork and developing and implementing strategies, with the objective of removing the worry of running out of money.

Our Team

Team of Experts

Our clients receive the benefit of a team of leading experts (attorneys, CPAs and insurance professionals among others) to identify advanced planning gaps. Working consultatively with our clients, we gain a deep understanding of their current planning strategies as well as their assets, liabilities, goals, values, needs, resources and obligations. Using this information, we take the lead in facilitating optimal solutions through our network of experts.